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The entire BikiniKat Soundtrack by Linda Goldie who is also the narrator of "BikiniKat and the Adventures of the Big Red Ball" weekly episodes on WFMU.org every Caturday.  Here's what people are saying about it!

Kelly Slusher Great songs, get drum beats, Linda Hagood is super creative and this is very unique and fun sounding Favorite track: Shields Up!.

From "With A Messy Head" in France:

Linda Hagood - Go Go Bikinikat Go! Soundtrack (Album)

Une bonne bouffée d'ondes positives et multicolores à qui pose ses oreilles sur cet album de Linda Hagood ! Go Go Bikinikat Go! Soundtrack accompagne le roman des aventures de ce drôle de personnage créé par Flower Diamond.
Convient aux enfants comme aux adultes exigeants, Linda Hagood accompagnée de JZ Barrell (ancien Smack Dab lui aussi) offre un album rempli d'énergie, d'imagination, de bizarreries et d'originalité. Tantôt sautillant, tantôt planant. Une sorte d'opéra rock psychédélique, sucré et ensoleillé. Sortez les lunettes de soleil.

A good breath of positive and multicoloured vibes to who puts ears on this album by Linda HagoodGo Go Bikinikat Go! Soundtrack goes with the novel of the adventures of this funny character created by Flower Diamond.
Suitable for kids as well as adults, Linda Hagood with JZ Barrell (both members of Smack Dab) offers an album full of energy, imagination, oddities and originality. Sometimes bouncy, sometimes trippy. A sort of psychedelic rock opera, sweet and sunny. Take the sunglasses out.


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BikiniKat is live on WFMU 91.1 / NJ 90.19 NYC radio and you can listen anywhere on WFMU.org. 

Episodes of BikiniKat and the Adventures of the Big Red Ball on the Double Dip Recess Show happens every Saturday.  What's gonna happen next with the Big Red Ball of love? Tune in!

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6-8am San Fransassy Time. ❤️9-11 NYSassy time. 💖Our segment is in the 4th quarter of the show, and don't miss out on the super sonic set list of family friendly music for kids by Roger Sayres!💝Thank you for listening.

Pink for me
Pank for the fun of it
Ponk for my courage
Penk to get the job done
Punk to dare myself

BikiniKat and the Adventures of the Big Red Ball written by Flower Diamond is a story about two sisters, one a 7 foot tall pink cat and the other a 7 foot and 1/2 inch purple cat who are both learning about what it takes to be brave and be yourself.  
BikiniKat, who does not want anyone to notice her even though everyone does, will have to learn how to step into her power.  Kiki Glitter her sister might have to learn to tone it down, maybe not so much glitter this time, in order to see her sister for who she really is and become friends and not competitors.  
A fun read set in a magical town called San Fransassy, the home of the Big Red Ball of Love and Go Go, BikiniKat's mystical shield that protects her from Mean People, Negative Vibes, Funny Smells and Karate Chops.

 5 out of 5 stars    

A magical book! Psychedelic, original, and motivating! Good vibes all around!

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