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The only place that protects you from Mean People, Negative Vibes, Funny Smells and Karate Chops!

Mean People

See them back away or disappear into gold glitter!

Negative Vibes

Say no to getting poked with a stick or covered with prickles!

Funny Smells

Never again be targeted by Farting Turtle backhanded compliments! EUGH-NUFF

Karate Chops!

That's it! Our BikiniKat Kung Fu is stronger than whatever is just YEE Hawed past you! 

No worries 


Shields Up!

BikiniKat is a 7 foot tall pink cat, she's got a sister named Kiki Glitter who is a 7 foot and 1/2 inch purple cat. Can you see the problem there, they just don't get along.

Kick'n litter! 

BikiniKat, who does not want anyone to notice her even though everyone does, will have to learn how to step into her power. Kiki Glitter might have to learn to tone it down, maybe not so much glitter this time, in order to see her sister for who she really is and become friends, not competitors.

Beware of farting turtles!

But Kiki Glitter is really really hard to deal with, she has a hot rod and a side kick who sprays negative vibes for goodness sake! With some help from  the Big Red Ball of Love and Go Go, BikiniKat discovers a  mystical shield that protects her from Mean People, Negative Vibes, Funny Smells and Karate Chops!

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The Big Red Ball of Love

Hidden in a cookie jar but then released by accident by Kiki Glitter, the Big Red Ball is bigger than you can ever imagine.

A bunch of Characters

BikiniKat has Friends

So many personalities to explore! Emotions,stories and bad jokes, it's a lot......of fun!

There is a book

BikiniKat and the Adventures of the Big Red Ball

This is the short novel where BikiniKat discovers that she is more than meets the eye! It's kind of like a handbook to understand how to learn your own dance moves! 

And there is music! 

Go Go BikiniKat Go!

Linda Goldie Hagood wrote and performed the Sound Track to the novel and it's super fun! With songs like Pink Pank Ponk Penk Punk and Kick'N Litter with Kiki Glitter, it will get you out of a funk and into those funky boots you haven't been wearing....get up and go dance now!!!

Kelly Slusher.

Great songs, get drum beats, Linda Hagood is super creative and this is very unique and fun sounding Favorite track:

Shields Up!

 What you'll get 

We got lots of stuff too!






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A good breath of positive and multicoloured vibes to who puts ears on this album by Linda Hagood! Go Go Bikinikat Go! Soundtrack goes with the novel of the adventures of this funny character created by Flower Diamond.

Suitable for kids as well as adults, Linda Hagood with JZ Barrell (both members of Smack Dab) offers an album full of energy, imagination, oddities and originality. Sometimes bouncy, sometimes trippy. A sort of psychedelic rock opera, sweet and sunny. Take the sunglasses out.



Une bonne bouffée d'ondes positives et multicolores à qui pose ses oreilles sur cet album de Linda Hagood ! Go Go Bikinikat Go! Soundtrack accompagne le roman des aventures de ce drôle de personnage créé par Flower Diamond.

Convient aux enfants comme aux adultes exigeants, Linda Hagood accompagnée de JZ Barrell (ancien Smack Dab lui aussi) offre un album rempli d'énergie, d'imagination, de bizarreries et d'originalité. Tantôt sautillant, tantôt planant. Une sorte d'opéra rock psychédélique, sucré et ensoleillé. Sortez les lunettes de soleil.

With a Messy Head


This music is a beautiful and enticing companion for the novel BikiniKat and the Adventures of the Big Red Ball! Author and songwriter worked closely to create a magical 3D expression of inspiring messages to help kids and adults find their way to their own truth and power. This book and music was written for tweens but is loved by all ages!

We think so. 

Shields Up! 

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